In the news - No Bullsh*t Podcast for Contractors

The No Bullsh*t Podcast sat down with David, ConstructionClock founder & CEO, to discuss his experiences in the industry and the impact of technology on his business.

David shared valuable insights into how he has used technology to better control and track projects, automate processes, and reduce heavy lifting.

This podcast is packed with practical advice and real-world examples of how technology can make a difference in the contracting industry. 

Whether you're a seasoned contractor or just starting out, you'll learn valuable lessons from David's experiences and discover the potential benefits of incorporating technology into your business.

"I thought I knew everything. Every contractor that starts out has a lot of energy and thinks that they'll learn a lot, and I did learn a lot on the trade side of things. But I didn't know anything about the business side of things. The first couple years were really rough because you have to save money for taxes, and you have to be properly estimating jobs. These are very costly experiences that I learned over a couple years. It was good that I went through that but I would have rather learned that from other people's mistakes rather than my own " - David Peters, Founder & CEO of ConstructionClock


You can listen to the full episode below or on your favorite podcast platform.